Welcome to my private ran plss proceed to my server ^_^.

    Do you want to experience the Ran World?



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    Do you want to experience the Ran World?

    Post  killapapz on Wed Aug 24, 2011 3:22 am

    Do you want to be famous in Ran World?

    Tired and unhappy how you play Ran Online?
    Looking for exciting events every day?
    Unsatisfied about your character's prowess?

    If you want to have Fame, Power, and Excitement?

    Then this is the game that you should surely don't want to miss.

    I'm inviting you to play
    Graveyard Ran Spirit Server


    Dedicated Server
    --Graveyard Presents--
    Ran OnLine Spirit Server
    Episode 7 Version 2

    Graveyard Communityis a private server established in 2008 and long term reputation

    Graveyard Spirit Server has a balance server with active Ran Masters, Active Events, New
    Weapons, Costumes, Sets to be won in every events that implemented.

    In Our Part Graveyard Spirit Server been building up community together with the
    friendly Ran Masters, and Sub Admins inside the game.

    General Server Information :
    Server Name : Graveyard Spirit Server
    Episode 7 Version 2

    Features :
    •+10 Starting Items for the new characters to make it faster levels
    •High Drop rate of golds
    •New Maps Added
    •Lots of exciting events with the Ran Masters
    •Secured Accounts
    •Great deal with the cheap donates
    •New Items

    Official website :

    Official forum :

    Download Full Client/Patches :

    Facebook Group Page :

    See you there! Happy Gaming! Aja!

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